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Exporting is the process of selling products across international borders. Most exporters begin in business by producing and selling in their local markets, where they learn the skills required to go international. Trading across borders poses challenges that local trading does not: making more complicated pricing calculations, keeping adequate documentation, accepting different methods of payment, and communicating with a greater variety of people.
Exporters also assume greater risks than businesses that work strictly within their own countries. We are blessed with a highly trained team with international exposure that ensures all our orders meet the most stringent criteria of the destination country. That is why you need a dependable and trusted partner like BollyKamio to make importing from Nigeria a breeze.
Making international exports consistently safe, transparent and reliable is what we do. We will deliver all your requirements no matter the quantity and meet all quality desires.
We are licensed to carry out formal export activities by the Federal Government of Nigeria and have all relevant documentation concerning same.
We are focused on ensuring that all our orders follow the Nigerian export laws and regulations and the import laws and regulations of the destination country. All our products meet the US and EU criteria because we know that if a product meets U.S. or EU criteria, it will meet the entry requirements for most other markets.
Our strict Export quality control examines and ensures that our orders:
-          Meets product specifications with consistency and predictability;
-          Complies with regulations; and
-          Meets traceability requirements.
It covers the following aspects of export products to ensure we meet and exceed all quality requirements such as:
-          Physical attributes
-          Absence of food hazards
-          Absence of pesticide residue
-          Absence of foreign matter
-          Odor and color (normal)
-          Absence of rot or mold
-          Correct packaging materials
-          Absence of live insects.
You can start importing right now by sending us a message on our contact page or by using our 24x7 contact center.
We look forward to your business!!